About Liz

Liz is a fully qualified Reiki Master in the Usui Reiki (natural healing) system and has treated people from a wide variety of backgounds and also worked with dogs and horses. She has been involved with Reiki shares to promote Reiki/natural healing. Liz practices meditation and has completed the Mindfulness Practitioner Foundation certification. She has worked as an Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner enjoying people understand more about themselves, develop and move through difficult issues. Liz has also been a volunteer for Home Start, a national organisation, who help families cope through difficult situations.

Reiki with Liz
We all have an innate power to heal ourselves and ‘healers’ simply strengthen and empower this. In every treatment, the client automatically attracts to them, through Liz’s connection, to the healing energies they need – simply by their need. These energies can profoundly help people who desire to be healed in some way either physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or a combination of these.

The moment Liz starts to work on someone, her hands instantly begin to work and Reiki flows to the area of need soothing pain and supporting the bodies natural ability to heal itself. Liz’s ability to channel areas of imbalance in the energy fields allows her to help you restore the balance in your life. Clothing need not be removed and placing of hands is not intrusive , allowing the client to be completely at ease. Each treatment is quite unique as it is the clients being that is guiding the process and therefore it can have very powerful and measurable effects.

Liz also offers distance healing for those who are unable to come to her.

Liz holds a Full diploma in Crystal Energy Therapy.