I had never had reiki before and was a bit dubious about what it was all about and how it worked. Within a few minutes, however, I was amazed at the powers Liz had in terms of telling me things about myself and my past that she could never have known ­ all through the power of her hands. At the end of the hour treatment I felt very calm and relaxed and had learnt a lot about myself and how I could alter things for the better. Her treatment has certainly had a profound effect on me and the way I now try to live my busy life. I would highly recommend Liz.
Judith from Knutsford

After being involved in a very serious car accident Liz did some distance reiki on me both in hospital and at home.

The work she did on me and the feedback she gave me massively helped my mental and physical recovery for which I am very grateful.
Marc from Northwich

I became interested in reiki after having a treatment from Liz. The way I felt afterwards and the feedback she gave me blew my mind.

I thought about the treatment I’d had for the next few months and became increasingly interested and intrigued into how reiki works.

I approached Liz and asked if she would teach me my reiki 1 course which I completed late last year. Liz was very supportive and encouraging both while I was doing the course and has since helped me whenever I have needed it.

I love being able to do reiki on myself and my family and see the results it brings.

I am looking forward to doing my reiki 2 course with Liz at some point this year.
Karen from Cheshire

I was introduced to reiki by Liz three years ago. After several treatments which made me feel relaxed and empowered I decided I’d like to learn more through completing my Reiki 1 with Liz. This has given me the tools to work through some difficult personal experiences with a clearer, more balanced approach. Having since completing my Reiki 2, I have been able to live my life with more confidence and with a calmer and happier outlook.
Jo from Cheshire